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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

The Weather Outside? Frightful.

And a (managed, intentional, well-controlled, safe) fire would be delightful, but many of us need to be out and about regardless of what falls from the sky so remember this as the sleet and ice descend:

  • Allow extra time. Rememember that you may have to scrape your windshield and traffic may move more slowly. (If it seems like you're too busy all the time and have to rush everywhere, that may be a deeper-seated issue.)
  • Use signals when you drive. Doing this all the time helps everyone, but when conditions are slick a little warning helps even more.
  • Slow down. It's possible to spin out, even in an SUV.
  • Designate a Driver. Even if you're only having a couple -- catching a DUI is not a hassle you need, and enforcement is up around the holidays. (Not what you thought we'd say? We figure you already know the real physical danger of driving drunk -- killing others and maybe yourself -- so we went with the legal nightmare instead.)

Finally, keep your insurance ID card handy. Do you have towing coverage? It's nice to know now, rather than hoping you added it to your policy when you're standing in a subzero parking lot next to a car with a dead battery. (It's usually pretty inexpensive -- call us to make sure, or to add it.)

OK, that's it. In this industry we're always planning for worst-case scenarios, which can make the tone a little bleak, but we love the cold weather and we love this time of year. Here's hoping your holiday season is smooth sailing -- it's a little less stressful knowing you're covered if something happens.